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Thank you for your interest in the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.  我们的机构以找到符合我们最新威尼斯安卓版的最合格的候选人而自豪, mission and core values:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Trust and Respect
  • Commitment to Excellence

However, we are not just looking for our next employee; we are looking for a leader.  家庭的概念在LCSO的文化中产生了强烈的共鸣,并融入了它为莱昂县公民提供最高质量服务的使命中.  我们为员工提供具有竞争力的薪酬和福利待遇,以及最先进的设备和培训, making them the envy of any comparable agency throughout the state and nation.  A job with our agency is not just a career opportunity; it is a commitment from both the agency and the employee to work together to achieve excellence and accomplish our mission.




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Certified Opportunities

LCSO被认为是该州最具创新精神的执法和惩戒机构之一,我们的最终最新威尼斯安卓版是努力在我们所做的一切中成为世界一流的. 利昂县治安官办公室在各个领域提供宣誓工作机会,例如:

  • Uniform Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Crime Scene
  • Aviation
  • School Resource
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • K-9 Unit
  • H.O.S.T. (Homeless Outreach Street Team)
  • M.H.U. (Mental Health Unit)
  • Judicial Services
  • Detention

除了在我们公司的许多职业道路和晋升机会之外, there are also opportunities to participate in our Special Teams program like SWAT, Dive, Hazardous Devices and Hostage Negotiations. 

Civilian Support Opportunities

而治安官办公室的主要职能是执法和惩戒服务, nearly a third of the agency positions are staffed by civilian support personnel. These positions offer opportunities in support roles such as Clerk Specialist, Analyst, 行政助理以及高度专业化的职业道路,如情报和法医. 


利昂县警长办公室欢迎宣誓就职的志愿者和平民志愿者. 社会福利及社会事务署设有一个由50多名在职人员组成的后备副组,为全职员工提供宣誓服务. 这为新认证的官员提供了一个很好的途径来获得经验和赛格威进入我们机构的全职职业生涯. 文职志愿人员帮助补充我们的支助人员,为我们机构的运作发挥了至关重要的作用. Lastly, LCSO有一个有竞争力的备受尊敬的实习项目,为实习生提供对我们机构的全面了解或在专业领域的集中经验.

Employee Benefits/Family Support Program

Employee Benefits and Compensation

利昂县警长办公室提供有竞争力的薪酬和福利待遇. 我们承诺通过年度市场调查和内部薪酬分析,确保薪酬和福利与其他可比的地方和国家机构保持竞争力. LCSO compensation includes the following:

  • Annual Salary: Starting salaries are based upon market data and vary depending upon the position. See position classifications and postings for specific information.
  • Education Subsidy:全职员工每月可获得高达130美元的高级学位和FDLE培训.
  • Tuition Assistance:学费报销将根据佛罗里达州立大学学士学位和研究生水平课程的学费费率以及塔拉哈西社区学院的副学士水平课程每学期三个学分的学费费率支付. Reimbursement is limited to nine credit hours per calendar year.
  • Special Teams Subsidy: Full-time sworn employees who are selected for a specialty team receive a $2,600-$3,900 per year subsidy.
  • Equipment所有宣誓就职的员工和志愿者都将获得包括制服在内的所有必要的最先进的装备, firearms, take home vehicle and laptop (if applicable). 

LCSO benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Health Insurance: All full-time employees have a choice of a PPO or HMO plan with up to 87.5% of the premium paid by the LCSO.
  • Florida Retirement System: LCSO是一个提供退休金或投资计划选择的财务报表雇主,并且可转移到佛罗里达州的任何其他财务报表雇主. 
  • Leave: The LCSO offers a generous leave system to all full-time employees including:
    • Annual Leave: Accrual based upon years of service; 97.5 – 195 hours per year; maximum balance 240-500.
    • Sick Leave: 97.5 hours per year; no maximum balance.
    • Personal Leave: 24 hours per year.
  • Life Insurance:社会福利署为所有全职雇员提供1倍的年薪,雇员无须支付任何费用.
  • Other Voluntary Benefits:社会福利署亦提供其他自愿性福利,包括递延补偿计划, Aflac products, dental/vision insurance, short/long-term disability, identity theft protection and legal support products.

Benefits Booklet State Benefits

Application and Hiring Process

利昂县警长办公室全年接受宣誓就职和志愿者机会的申请. 文职职位的申请只在职位空缺并公布截止日期时才接受. Internship applications are accepted according with our semester schedule. Please note that all applications must be submitted online. Paper applications are not accepted

Before appointment to any position with the Leon County Sheriff's Office, applicants must successfully complete multiple steps in the hiring process. These steps and processes do not apply to all positions, but include and are not limited to, testing and interview, criminal history, driving history, background investigation, psychological evaluation, drug screen, physical examination, etc. 整个过程可能需要4-8周,具体取决于职位和申请人.

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